How to Stand Out to a College Soccer Coach

If you’re interested in taking soccer to the next level, you have to meet certain expectations. And it doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s not easy to stand out to a college soccer coach when there are thousands of people, just like you, fighting for the same opportunities. Instead of being a number, be an outstanding player.

But how? What do the coaches value? You don’t have to assume – we’re bringing the answers to you.

We asked a top D1 soccer coach to share what he knows. You get to hear about it right here at Integrative Soccer.


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Meet Dustin Fonda, D1 Coach at Campbell University in North Carolina

In the interview, you’ll hear about:

  • Opinions on ODP/Soccer Camps for exposure
  • How to get colleges to see you
  • What elite coaches are looking for in a player (and what they aren’t)
  • For our Hawaii audience, how to get the best opportunities from a distance

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Stand Out to a Soccer College Coach: Explained

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