Mental Wellness Empowerment

Mental Wellness Empowerment

Coach Kanda, Kore Vibration, is spearheading Integrative Soccer’s in-person and online holistic wellness empowerment based in O’ahu, Hawaii. Offering 1 on 1, private, mental wellness training for soccer players in Hawaii, her programs focus on planting seeds of empowerment in order to help athletes grow their mental wellbeing, confidence, happiness, and peace.

As well as private 1 on 1 mental wellness empowerment training, Coach Kanda regularly hosts collaborative workshops with other Integrative Soccer partners. To stay up to date on upcoming workshops, subscribe to our newsletter in the resources page.

Stay Mentally Strong.

Work with Coach Kanda to keep your head in the game.

Learn a holistic approach to practice mental fortitude and resilience as you combat obstacles in your soccer journey.

THE GOAL: to gain tools that empower you to stay confident in yourself, balance your goals, and manage your emotion as you approach challenging times in competition… and in life.

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Kore Vibration’s Impact on Player Development

Hear what Kore Vibration’s clients said.

A Life-Changing Experience

“Working with Coach Kanda this summer has been one for the books. Having the opportunity to experience volleyball in a different setting and style has helped me better my playing overall. Working alongside Coach Kanda, I learned multiple techniques on how to coach and play. Coach Kanda, my mentor and friend, has taught others and myself how to have a competitive and mindful mindset on and off the courts. From only observing on the sidelines, she teaches how mental health and grit helps you grow into a strong person for the real world. Overall, working with Coach Kanda has been a life changing opportunity because of how committed and caring she is in anything she does. I know for a fact that anything she puts her mind to, she gives it her 110% of her heart and hard work.”
– Kelly, Collegiate Athlete

Increase Confidence & Apply Your Mind

“After working with Kore Vibration, I feel that I have been able to be more focused on the court. This program has helped me in my mental journey as a varsity basketball player at Hanalani Schools. Playing basketball requires you to be mentally and physically in the game. One mistake can mess with your head and can end up affecting the way you play. I feel that this program has helped me to take a step back and look at the finer details of what makes an athlete a great one; it’s all about their mindset. Working with Coach Kanda has helped me to calm my nerves and my mind when I start to get too anxious about what is happening in the game […] I feel if you are an athlete who struggles with confidence or just wants to become a better teammate, this program will be of great benefit.” – Lillia, High School Athlete

Resources for You

Integrative Soccer aims to educate and empower our athletes. Check out some of our personally written and researched resources tailored to you.