S&C | Injury Prevention

S&C | Injury Prevention

Jamie Dominguez DPT, Kaito Athletic Studio, is spearheading Integrative Soccer’s in-person strength & conditioning and injury prevention on Oahu, Hawaii.

Her programs take a proactive approach, aimed at stopping injuries before they stop you. As a licensed physiotherapist, she will look at your movement, address your vulnerabilities, and teach you sport-specific strengthening & conditioning.

THE GOAL: improve body awareness, teach physical resilience, and help you become independent in your training endeavors. You shouldn’t rely on a trainer forever.

Check Out the Online Programs!

Our Integrative Soccer Co-Founder and licensed Physical Therapist, Coach Nicole, DPT offers online injury prevention sessions for wherever you are. Following a weekly schedule, they can be followed at home with minimal equipment. Read below to learn more.

Movement Analysis

Coach Nicole will ask you to send videos of specific movements.

From these videos, she can identify faulty movement patterns that may need to be addressed.

You’ll receive a comprehensive review, including full analysis and goals, during your 1-hour Zoom consult.

Training Programs

You’ll select a 4, 8, or 12 week program schedule.

Each week, you will receive a new program. Exercises target your specific goals.

At the end of each week, you will film yourself completing the exercises and send it to Coach Nicole to determine the next program’s progressions.

Develop Good Habits

Every week is a chance to reinforce better movement habits.

You’ll perform your new exercise programs most days of the week (unless otherwise instructed).

Progressions will eventually mimic game-time demands for carryover into competition.

Reduce Risk of Injury

After completing the program, you’ll receive a second movement analysis. You’ll get to see where you’ve improved.

You’ll always have access to your programs for future use.

Better movement patterns mean less risk for injury!

FAQ: In-Person

Pricing varies depending on package desired. Inquire here.

Coach Jamie’s KAITO Athletic Studio is located inside Hi Performance Fitness in Honolulu, Hawaii.

You can find Coach Jamie on Instagram @jamiephysio

Yes! If a player would like to coordinate services, the coaches will communicate to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Yes! Both coaches offer free initial consults. Reach out to schedule one.

FAQ: Online

Pricing varies depending on package desired. Inquire here.

Yes! If a player would like to coordinate services, the coaches will communicate to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Even though your program is online, Coach Nicole is still in close communication with coaches when necessary.

Yes. Before you begin any program, you will receive a free online assessment with a unique movement report. Reach out to ask about a free consult.

If you cannot finish the program, you will no longer receive weekly exercises. Unfortunately, there is no refund for unattended weeks. Full participation is expected and required unless you are sick or injured.

If you have a temporary restriction, Coach Nicole can work with you to make any accommodations needed.

At the end of each week, the player must film themselves doing their program. They will send it to Coach Nicole who will review it and provide feedback.

During the 8 and 12 week programs, the player will engage in a video check-in with Coach Nicole every 4 weeks.

Players are able (and expected) to stay in contact with Coach Nicole during the duration of the program. They will ask questions as needed to make sure they’re staying on track and doing it right.

You will be in contact with Coach Nicole asynchronously with exceptions of scheduled video calls for the initial consult, 4 week check-ins, and the final meeting.

You can send questions at any time, and Coach Nicole will respond as soon as she can.

It is expected that parents of young players be present during video calls.

Although supervision during exercises is helpful for younger players, it is not always necessary. Older players are expected to be independent and self-disciplined in their program completion.

Videos are kid-and-teen-friendly. As long as they copy the video to the best of their ability, they should be able to complete their exercises independently.

You don’t need to buy equipment unless you would like to invest in it. Exercises are tailored to your available resources. However, it does diversify the program if you have these available:

  • Resistance bands
  • BOSU/foam pad

Injury prevention doesn’t always need a ton of gym equipment. This is especially true in players working on foundations – initially, neuromuscular training and improving motor patterns often requires little to no equipment.

Some situations may need access to weights. Long-duration programs will likely progress towards heavier loading. This equipment will help diversify long-duration programs:

  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Barbell
  • Bench/Box
  • Rogue Bands

The player is expected to perform his/her weekly exercises on most days unless otherwise specified. This is especially true for those working on motor patterns.

Each workout takes about 15-30 minutes to complete depending on the needs of the player.

If the player progresses into resistance training, frequency of exercise performance will change.

Remember: Consistency is important to your success with these programs.

Coach Jamie’s Making a Difference

Hear what client’s said about Kaito Athletic Studio.

Learn to Protect Your Body

I spent some time working with Coach Jamie to improve my mobility and overall athletic performance. […] This program has been very beneficial for me because it helped improve my speed and strength as well as teaching me valuable aspects about knowing my body and understanding what I can do to help prevent injuries.” – Lillia, High School Athlete

Push & Encourage

I’ve loved working with you with the team and in private. During the off-season you pushed us and now I see the positive effects on the court. You continue to be encouraging with me and it’s obvious how much you care for each of your clients. Thank you for all your hard work Jamie! – Ellena, High School Athlete