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Meet Coach Jamie

KAITO Athletic Studio

Jamie Dominguez, KAITO Athletic Studio, is spearheading Integrative Soccer’s in-person strength & conditioning and injury prevention on Oahu, Hawaii.

Coach Jamie is the newest partner to the Integrative Soccer network. She is a licensed physiotherapist and CSCS who specializes in injury prevention and prehabilitation for jump and agility-based athletes.

KAITO Athletic Studio is based out of Hi Performance Fitness in Honolulu.

Reach out for information about availability and rates.
She offers free initial consults.

Coach Jamie’s Making a Difference

Learn to Protect Your Body

I spent some time working with Coach Jamie to improve my mobility and overall athletic performance. […] This program has been very beneficial for me because it helped improve my speed and strength as well as teaching me valuable aspects about knowing my body and understanding what I can do to help prevent injuries.” – Lillia, High School Athlete

Push & Encourage

I’ve loved working with you with the team and in private. During the off-season you pushed us and now I see the positive effects on the court. You continue to be encouraging with me and it’s obvious how much you care for each of your clients. Thank you for all your hard work Jamie! – Ellena, High School Athlete