Refund and Returns Policy


Applicable to all Integrative Soccer services.


(i) No refunds will be given after purchase unless there are extenuating circumstances such as death of a family member, illness, or injury.

(ii) It is the client/legal guardian’s (and the client/legal guardian only) responsibility to book and use the services provided in any Integrative Soccer program. It is not Integrative Soccer’s responsibility to contact the client/legal guardian to schedule or book services.

*Any refunds given will be equal to the full price of the program paid minus the cost of any initial services already provided to the client/legal guardian either for or during the program term as stated above. The refund amount will be calculated at Integrative Soccer’s (and Integrative Soccer’s only) discretion with justification for amount.

Discounted Purchases

Refunds for sale / discounted packages follows the same refund terms stated above.

Upgrades/Downgrades of Packages

Client / Legal Guardian acknowledges they can upgrade their package at any time prior or during a program, as applicable to the service. The cost of the upgrade will be prorated based upon the duration of the program completed and program term left to complete. The cost of upgrade will be calculated at Integrative Soccer’s (and Integrative Soccer’s only) discretion. Client/Legal Guardian acknowledges they cannot request to downgrade services.

Need help?

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