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Micah Ching, The Footy Lab, is heading Integrative Soccer’s technical & tactical coaching in Hawaii.

Coach Micah is an outstanding member of the Integrative Soccer network. He played for Chaminade University’s Men’s Soccer Program, and has decided to take on Hawaii’s rapidly growing soccer scene.

With an eye for detail, Coach Micah specializes in combining players’ technical ability with spatial awareness on the field. This makes players excellent at movement on and off the ball, which happens to be Micah’s greatest strength in play.

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The Footy Lab Reviews

Great Parent Communication

“Micah is great with the kids. He has so much patience and his impact on player confidence is recognizable almost immediately. His drills are engaging and he communicates well with parents…listening to the needs of the players. He is flexible and his enthusiasm to work with the kids is amazing!” – Ashley

Newfound Confidence

“Coach Micah is an amazing coach! […] She has made tremendous progress with her technical ball skills, striking and has developed a new found confidence on and off the field. Coach Micah is extremely encouraging, positive and enthusiastic as well as designs his training sessions to focus on problem areas identified by parent/player to maximize individual player growth and development.” – Brittany

More Than “Typical Drills”

“Micah has been really great, always tailoring the training to fit the player’s needs. We haven’t been to a session where our child is going through just any “drill”. Micah’s attention to detail give the utmost results to the player’s training session. Our player is making strides on the pitch.” -Jo

Elevated Level of Play

“I’m pleased that coach Micah was able to transition my daughter into a group that challenges her. The drills that coach Micah puts out makes the players think critically and builds on their foundation for superior ball control and skills. His training is designed to get players ready for a higher level of play which I can see when my daughter starts incorporating the moves/skills into everyday practice.” – Nichole